A 'Sorta Fairytale brings together for the first time the  complete collection of short stories, poetry and prose in one edition  with the addition of liner notes and observations. 

Featuring the entire works of

Even When Tonight Is Over

The Hair Of The Hound

Hounds Of Winter

Jig Of Life

Soon Before The Sun

Ember Asleep

Forward into the mysterious beauty of spring
The crocuses, melon-dawn yellow snow-purple veined saffron and milk-hearts
And birdsong becoming audible, trilling and chattering in symphony
Spools of song, sweet canticles in taunting magniloquence melodious code
Like an angelical speech
Like golden divination and ambiguous dreamlike augury
And I came upon a beekeeper
And he said do you know you can have it all?
The blessed bees vibrantly humming stung with nectar and honey
Stinging and healing our ache and our sweetness, our love and our hurt
Extraordinarily, the honeybee came upon this
All so beautiful
And I feel as if spring has touched me and saved me 


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