'Dreams that we were searching for, they don't matter anymore'

Rediscovering Mess. A beautiful, beautiful mess.

'Lately I’ve been having dreams

Strange kind of dreams

Beautiful dreams

Somewhere deep in the night...'

Although internationally known as a novelist with his books 'Now Is Not The Time For Trumpets' 'Beautiful Deconstruction' and the forthcoming 'Everything Could Be So Perfect' Mark Binmore is less known for his poetry, which features a kaleidoscope of scenarios and locations, together with a highly diverse cast of characters, from glamorous movie stars to burnt out strippers, somnambulists to drag queens, from a lonely bee-keeper, who said, "I don't meet many people, I'm very busy with the hives, when's my cloud of bees coming home?" to the child growing into an adult, on the day they learned to swim, because, "I’m all grown up now." 

'Whatever you say

Whatever you know

Love may come and go

So take the things that life can give...'

That he has shared some of these characters through prose has enriched popular culture for over ten years; that he has also done so through poetry strikes some as surprising years since the publication of his first book. One reason is the comparative greatness of his literary output – sometimes the work can get lost – he has published several prose only collections, the first, 'Beautiful Mess' with excerpts contained here for the first time via a now non-existent publishing house.  It’s a book Mark never mentions.   

'And in case I do not wake tomorrow whisper in my ear what I have missed  

And if for any reason I never open my eyes then leave your imprint on my forehead with a kiss  

And if I should never see the sun again and your eyes into distant memory should fade  

Stay and make me believe tonight that it was you and leave me knowing always I knew bliss  

And if I should drift away in sleep to never see another day  

Then you should know that tattooed upon my soul is a memory just of you'

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Originally published by Massive, Beautiful Mess is currently out of print.