The reader and I are only interested in the truth and therefore, this is the book I have been secretly longing to write.  There is so much in my overstuffed life that I have never talked about publicly before. All the things I love and dread are here: objects, photographs, people, letters, ideas, regrets, memories, journeys, things I believe in, people I have met and cannot forget; slumming it, lording it, failure and survival, sweet and sour.  Citrus.  I wanted to write about food as well, training as an actor, sex (and why I think about it daily) and how to get thinner fast. To give it structure I have devised a framework, which is in fact, my house.  Since Maison De L’Orb opened its doors ten years ago, all our guests have commented on the decor, the junk, the pictures, the books. There are, of course, the usual questions which one shall try to answer.  Why are there elephants in your garden? Why are there various suitcases in the hallway with labels from the 1930s?  What are your favourite foods?  I shall show the reader into every room, from front door to attic window, walking through the (colossally) sustained metaphor of my life, answering questions (which I have cunningly put) about all the stuff in the place; my things: me.  A few favourite recipes have been added for no reason.  

In Citrus, Mark uses the unique structure of a tour through his French home to tell you about his life. Elements of and objects in each area of the home dredge up memories for him.  Personal letters and photographs stir up other strands of memory, about people he has met, ideas and inspirations for his books and experiences that have had an impact on his life.   Intimate, at times funny and other moments reflective, this is a surprising and revealing piece of work than any sensationalist autobiography you will ever read.  This is not a kiss and tell or indeed shout and share kind of book.  Inside you will read about a real person and objects of a real house.    

Published strictly as a limited edition.