I put on my pointed hat and my black and silver suit

I check my gunpowder pack and I strap the stick on my back

I’m dressed as a rocket with a fuse in my hand and shooting into the sky

Let me go, watch how I shine

I want to run, I will run away

Look at my smile, see how I land 

I point to the sky with my black and silver wand  

I am a rocket with my tail on fire

Because I am a rocket and you have to let me fly

Nemesis is a collection of prose with an arrangement of journeys.  In  the rain, through the length of a lifetime, amongst history, between  emotions, and journeys across great oceans. Although it’s not a ‘themed’  collection of words, as such, there is an underlying connection between the pieces.  

From an early age writing was probably my first love affair with  life. When I was originally asked by my publishers to write and compile a  brand new collection of prose it was like being asked once again 'Would  you like to fulfil a dream, would you like to be like that rocket?'

Yes.  I would.


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