'When I glance back 

I see the frozen landscapes that I have walked through

But it is a different view everyday 

Now all the great trees are gone 

All the fires that were lit have been put out 

It’s just the afterglow that shines somewhere inside of you.'


For me, writing a book at my age, lyrically, is a different proposition. Observation in most cases replaces emotion. The invisibility rather thrills me and so, instead, I watch. Always asked what each piece is about, I attempted to cooperate, but in truth though the lyrics incorporated my best attempt to describe what I see and of the meaning that is mine, I want those reading, who chooses to, to find their own landscape or indeed none. But I have suggestions.  

I have been intrigued with the poetic power of words for a long time. Symbolism, metaphor, and the magical transformations that can occur when you combine the sounds and shapes of language in unexpected ways. We use words to communicate, to describe, and to express something that cannot easily be accessed. I cover all kinds of ground.  

Love. Loss. Grief. Rage. Despair. Joy. Hope. Longing. Jealously. Confusion. Anguish. Ecstasy. Harmony. Gratitude. Peace.   It’s all there, and more.  

These words and this book is for those people who mean something in my life. Some of us have always felt like 'the other.'  I no longer wish it were otherwise.   

The Other.
A work in progress.