'Simply Divine'


'1930. London nightlife.   

Suddenly what was wrong seems right...
Stephen, young, bright and beautiful meets bright, beautiful, ambitious Agatha and her streetwise drug dealing friends.  

And then there’s Desha, artiste icon and now hostess of a glitzy London nightclub, there when they need to turn to 'mother.'   

Meanwhile the outrageous Bob Lush, social extraordinaire, has his own plans for Stephen.  

As fame and fortune beckon, Stephen quickly learns that things aren't always as straightforward as they seem.'  

After previews in Boston and San Francisco in 2017/18, a London residency for 2019 has recently been  confirmed.  

More news shortly. 

Up Against It by Chris Henson features preparations and the shows opening in America.  

The Show


Content forthcoming. 

The Story


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