'1930. London. 

Suddenly what was wrong seems right...
Stephen, young, bright and beautiful meets bright, beautiful, ambitious Agatha and her streetwise drug dealing friends.  

And then there’s Desha, artiste icon and now hostess of a glitzy London nightclub, there when they need to turn to 'mother.'   

Meanwhile the outrageous Bob Lush, social extraordinaire, has his own plans for Stephen.  

As fame and fortune beckon, Stephen quickly learns that things aren't always as straightforward as they seem.'  

The story began some two years ago when Mark had a surprising offer from two leading producers, Samuel Johns and Neil Edwardton.  They wanted to secure the performing rights to his Simply Divine book for a theatre event. 'They kept using that word, event, without actually saying what they meant,' Mark adds. 'Obviously I had visions of a National Opera company and full dance troupe but then the finances kicked in.'  Samuel and Neil went away to devise a script, the book, while Mark was asked to come up with lyrics.  'I don’t write music, but I do write words and I can feel a song in my head without actually constructing it.' Funding was quickly sourced and a promoter scheduled dates for a provisional workshop opening in Boston late 2017.  

'Mark asked for a theatrical concert as part of his book and I guess this was a starting point,' said Neil.  'I wanted to take the essence of his story and adapt it further as all adaptations should be.  But I loved the idea of a story set in the 1930s with modern electropop music.  People say the two don’t mix but for me pop music is theatre.'

Both Neil and Samuel found Mark, very modern, contemporary in his outlook, and liked the way he worked.   

'He has a liberating quality,' Samuel smiled.  'Put that in your book, he will love it.'

After The Event by Chris Henson  with Mark Binmore, features exclusive behind the scenes observations, song lyrics, demos, recording session dialogues and coverage during the opening shows in Boston and San Francisco, together with the audience and critics response. 

Simply Divine opened in Boston, USA in 2017 with further two week residency in San Francisco.  A brand new production Divine opened in Berlin, Germany in 2019.  A London residency is expected in 2021.