Mark Binmore (born 1971) is an award winning British novelist, author of 'Now Is Not The Time For Trumpets' 'Beautiful Deconstruction' 'Take Down The Flags' and many other books. In 2015 Mark was ranked one of Britain's 100 new influential LGBTQ writers. It was declared that 'he is widely regarded as one of Britain's most promising novelists, quite regardless of sexuality'.

Mark was the subject of 'Tour De Europa' (2015) a book by Chris Henson who shadowed Mark on his book tour and wrote an observational account of a new author on the road. A second book 'Versus America' (2016) also by  Chris Henson documented Mark as he travelled across America for  promotion describing what it is to be an author today.  The trilogy was complete in 2018 with the release of 'Up Against It.'

He is published in Great Britain by Kindlight, in the United States by  Globe, with various independent publishers throughout Europe.  'Beautiful Deconstruction' was recently translated into five languages and has won three international book awards. 

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“It’s not really  like that,” says Mark, dressed in a pair of 1980s throwback ripped  jeans, retro trainers and a tight fitting top, who this afternoon is  plonked on a sofa in a compact yet discreetly well-appointed PR studio  in creative Soho London. “I guess I write as two different people and as  in life that could be me. Sometimes I am always on the go, always got  something in the diary, whereas other times I’m content to just cook  something simple and watch television. But when it comes to writing, I  like a bit of everything, it’s like my music tastes. I’m happy to be  listening to electronic beats as I am listening to Dusty Springfield  tearing her heart out.”

GX 2017. 

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Mark  Binmore has been boxed and packaged in shiny paper with little ribbons  on top, it seems. Safe, but 'odd' enough to let the purchaser feel  outrageous displaying it on the coffee table.  Well, let's see. If you  profess to like modern writing which is breaking down fences and  capturing true emotion, Mark Binmore has just as much right to be there  with whomever you care to name. A different field, yeah, but he's  capable of moments of heart-stopping passion, breath-taking drama and  beauty. He's also very honest. The characters he writes about might be  put on, but that's it.

There've  been many books with lush sounding cinematic titles: Hounds Of Winter,  Soon Before The Sun, A Life Of Parties and Nemesis, which sees Mark go  back, appear starker, stretched out, and covering a wider range of  subjects, but mainly on a general loose theme of journeys, relationships  and a glimpse at the past (“I can’t put this day out of mind, just like  a sorta fairytale with you, those things you said that day up on the  elevated M,”) before stepping forward. His own nemesis perhaps. We talk  for over 90 minutes, touching all manner of subjects in an enthusiastic  flow. Quite deep at times, "It's like two psychiatrists talking," he  murmurs after. I left impressed with his honesty and sense of awe,  which, in the wrong hands, could be the reasons detractors have a field day.

Book Inc. 2017.